Summer’s End

I set this candle on fire underneath the August summer's full-moon
My heart filled with so much flutters of honored energy
Amazed at the joyous glow infused from my finger tips
Infusing my body with the precious light
taking it all in breath by breath]
freeing each stagnant energetic hold as i blow it out the wind
igniting my power that i was dormant within
At last disbanding myself from the worldly desires that i had let sink in
Admiring all that I was and all that I am
Content with myself in the here in now
Appreciating the blessings from tower that dismantled my ego
I slayed on monster that i let feed off me
my power i stand in with grace and i thank you lord for standing as I rise
how precious your heart is to mend mine
Thank you for walking with me during my walk with the dark Knight
I now am much richer from within
I am ready for the next chapter to begin
As this triumphal chapter of August summers season has come to an end
One story is closing As a new one is being written.

Bless you Bless me Bless all wh* shall believe
And So it is And So it Shall Be\

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The I in Myself

It has been 3 years since we have been apart. Three long years of healing my broken heart. I can honestly say at one point, I truly did not believe I would make it this far. I endured plenty of nights where my tears constantly drenched my pillow. Those nights seemed to be the coldest where I’d sit in despair over where I had went wrong, upset that he was the only thought that consumed my mind.
How could he continuously over-take my thoughts?
Was I on his mind as much as he was on mine?

I couldn’t phantom the thought of him talking to anyone else . Those stupid thoughts poisoning my mind, tainting my soul, and consuming my time. I had to find something else that would feed my mind. Normally I was Me, Happy filled with so much light, so much light that others would feel some type of way toward me. They would either love me or hate me but honestly I didn’t really care. Not that I believed I was any better than anyone else, But just because I believed no one had anything that I wanted that I couldn’t give myself. That is my true core belief. I did not allow anyone to see me during my darkest and the friends that did were in disbelief at my sorrow. Some literally exclaiming to me as if they seen things in me I was blind to myself.

I began reading tons of blogs on healing my heart. Yes, there is blogs and resources to mend what nothing else can !!!!(Not even these resources) LMAO!!!! I say this sparingly because in my opinion the only cure for a broken heart is LOVE… and not just jumping from one leg to the next no no no naughty Nellys or Debbie do anythings. I am saying that Love weather that is to Love yourself and object a hobbies or a person . Whatever it is that you can feed your love to. Whatever it is that you can send your passionate time and energy, Only then will your heart heal.

I started investing my time in all this reading and self heal that it led me on a path that now I will not walk away from. I became empowered through my discovery of astrology,Divination, spirituality, learning about the goddesses as we are all a god/goddess within our divine being. I learned t connect with God in my own way, I began to give my heart. Through my learning and my research also even experience I have felt pushed to voice my journey . To speak my truth . I have felt the need to empower other women who have been down in the dark . I am here to assist those who have dimmed their light .I am here to ignite the fire in the goddesses who gave the power away. I am here to show others how to stand tall when others would love to see you fall. I will let my words and presence through energy show you feed you with light and embrace the present of life that god blessed us with, Breath…..

Spiritual Awakening

Over the past two years it seems that souls have been and are awakening. Today many are vocalizing much of their perceptions and practices of spirituality. I too am guilty of this. I began my spiritual awakening in 2016. During the year 2016 I had enough of life. My life was turned upside down and has never been the same. At the time of the chaos i lost myself only to discover my true self . Today I reminisce about that time and I now a, able to smile at what I once would tear up over, I am thankful that I went through the lessons I needed to endure while the pain enabled me to see truth for what it was dead in the face. I discovered my online community of like-minded people and it felt empowering to discover the mission the Almighty has in store for me. I continue to grow in my spiritual discovery and am aware that not all journeys are similar but all pathways are leading to one thing ..And that is self discovery to universally unite and stand in the truth of GOD…

Daily Guidance February 2019

It is inevitable how the minutes are counted for through the haze of fog that allows one to loose track of time. I decided to dedicate this year in understanding time. It is the foundation of each passing day . I have been summoned upon by my inner guidance to proceed forward with my perceptions about the unknown. I am enabled to share my knowledge and voice my truth: it is no longer dormant and silent. It beats loudly to its own drum and the dance moves with grace as the passion is expressed through my presence. I realized today that fear is the blockage that prevents us from attaining our dreams. Fear is the lingering fly that reminds you of its presence during the time when your truth is demanding that you stand tall. I am divinely guided to excerpt my visions and endorse my voice thru the tones of the universe. I devour with gratitude my own inspirational concept of phenomenology. Let my light shine on you

Indigo Sativa Perceptions